Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joey's Stone Fired Pizza on South Street in Philly

There's a TV up there and a sports game is on?
When it comes to pizza, I like the ingredients fresh and the crust thin and crispy... and that's just what I got at Joey's Stone Fired Pizza on South Street.

My boyfriend is a pizza maniac, and I'm convinced that he'd eat nothing but pizza, pizza bagels and pizza rolls if he had the choice. Anyway, he's kind of a pizza-expert and by default, I am too now because we eat pizza all the time.

Anyway it's a Thursday and we head down South Street in Philadelphia for some dinner.

We walk into Joey's and it's empty. "Where is everyone?" I ask the waitress who greets us. She jokes with us and we sit down and glance at the special menu. They have interesting pizza choices on special and we pick the Jersey Tomato pie because we're hungry and it sounds interesting. It's a thin crust pizza with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, Jersey tomato slices, fresh basil and cherry peppers.

Then boyfriend comments that Joey's is a BYOB and asks me if we should grab a bottle of wine somewhere.

"That's a great idea," I said. "Let's ask them where the closest wine store is."
Yes, I was that crazy lady taking pictures of the
food... Don't judge me. 

We ask the pizza-maker behind the counter and he says there's a wine store a few blocks down on 5th and Pine Street. Then he offers to go get it for us and we thanked him for his offer but said we'd take the walk. The pizza maker tells us he'll wait for us to get back before putting the pie in.

"It only takes like 5 minutes to get this pizza cooked," he tells us.

We left our sodas on the table and took the walk to the wine store where we grabbed a bottle of Australian Malbec.

When we got back to the pizzaria, the guy behind the counter gave us a thumbs up and slipped the pizza into their stone-lined oven and the waitress helps me open up our bottle.

Our pizza came out and man it smelled delicious. I hovered over it for a second and breathed in the heavenly pizza vapors that were steaming up from the bubbly pie.

It was a large pie about 15 inches in diameter with the thinnest, crispiest crust I've ever seen.

Don't you love seeing checks like this?
Instead of the traditional triangle slices, it was divided up in square pieces in the Neapolitan-style.

It was hot, fresh and freaking delicious. Thinking about that first bite STILL makes me salivate.

Boyfriend plucked off the cherry peppers as I happily took them and added them to my slices.

Fragrant fresh basil leaves dotted the pizza and thin Jersey tomato slices sunk down into the bed of cheeses. The cheese melted in the goopy delicious way that fresh mozzarella does. I finished all my slices, savoring the crust in a way that's abnormal for me because I usually leave the crusts.

The large pie fed both of us and we ate the whole thing. There wasn't one little scrap of that pizza left on the pan.

"I can't believe this place isn't packed all the time," I told boyfriend, "This pizza is so good."

I think told him that I thought it was the best pizza I've ever had and then we had a conversation about how I overuse that phrase.

Maybe I overuse that phrase, but I really meant it this time. It was the best pizza I've ever had.

Also, our bill was less than $20.

Joey's Stone Fired Pizza on Urbanspoon

  • WHEN: Thursday May 29, 2011 at around 7 p.m. 
  • WHERE: South Street Philadelphia, PA. 
  • COST: Reasonable
  • DRESS CODE: Casual.
  • SUMMARY: The pizza was fantabulous, the staff was attentive and friendly and our bill was under $20.

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